Breed Standard

The ideal Japanese Bobtail has large, oval, slanted eyes, high cheekbones, and a noticeable whisker pad break. This break creates a "pompom" not unlike the one at the other end (tail). These pompoms at both ends create a nice balance. The head should form an equilateral triangle not including the ears. The ears should be large, and be placed forward on head. This gives an alert look to the cat. The coat (on short hair cats) is medium in length and single coated. It is flat lying, smooth and silky to the touch. These cats love to be clean and require minimal grooming. The body should be refined, athletic and solid by feel. Japanese Bobtails should not be short in length/cobby or thick boned.

The tails are all unique like our fingerprints. All tails should have at least one kink, must extend from the body and not be longer then three inches long. JBTs come in a variety of colors. The most prized colors are Mi-Ke (tri-color/calico). These cats are all female. Other colors of preference are black & white and red & white vans (the color restricted to the head and the tail with white body). Eye colors vary; gold, blue or odd-eye (one blue, one gold). Cats with blue eyes are not deaf.


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